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СТРЕКОЗА НА КАЖДОМ ТРУПЕ / Una Libelula para cada muerto
  выпуск : 1974 описание :
  страна : Испания A giallo every bit as gritty as the ones made in Italy. It's full of bizarre characters, a flamboyantly clad killer (he wears a wig and red flare pants, hence Redkiller) with a motive tracing back to childhood trauma, many red herrings, all shot in lurid hues. Best of all it has Paul Naschy as the tough as nails Inspector who scours the Milanese underworld in search of the person leaving scale model dragonflies by the corpses of his victims. Naschy chomps on cigars, has a regulation moustache, and is not above beating a confession out of a suspect. It's one of his most unlikely personas, miles away from the victimized werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky, and a tribute to his versatility and a sharp rebuke to those who have underestimated his acting abilities. Naschy's script moves vertically through the varying social strata of modern Milan. "There are different classes," one of the characters points out and the middle class detective finds himself socializing with the wealthy upper-class architect, Edmundo (Angel Aranda) and his businessman friend (Ricardo Merino).
  компания :  
  реавторинг :
  режиссер : Леон Климовски
  в ролях : Пол Нэши, Эрика Бланк
  время : 1:27
  формат : DVD-5
  экран : 4/3 letter 1.33 PAL
  звук : испан. 2.0
  перевод : субтитры
  субтитры : русский
  примечание : без меню
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